We believe in a diverse team bringing knowledge of the game, (professional) player and coaching experience at various levels.


Meet Founder/ Head Coach, Sam Graham (52)

Sam is ex-professional Basketball Player and high performing Basketball Coach with over 30 years of experience in multiple aspects of coaching including player development, basketball operations, recruitment and evaluation of talent at all levels (Mens & Womens).

Sam has a proven track record of leading high performance Basketball Camps & Clinics in the USA and Europe for players within the  age groups 4 to 25.

Sam Graham was born in Barbados in 1967. In 1972, he and his mother migrated to New York City.  The move from a small tropical island to one of the biggest cities in the world was a difficult one.  It took awhile for him and his mother to acclimate to life in the city. Growing up, he was exposed to a lot of the negative elements of city life first-hand.  At a time when most kids are safely playing with each other, he was often confronted with the effects of drug abuse, violence, and other criminal behavior. His mother was working two jobs to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table.  This meant that she was not always there to steer him away from the negative factors surrounding them.

At the age of eight years old, Sam was invited to come along and participate in a game of basketball.  He was a tall kid with thick glasses and not much coordination. What he lacked in skill, he made up for in hustle.  Initially, he was never the first one picked to play and often found himself on the sideline watching and wanting to play.  The combination of watching his mother work so hard to provide for him and people telling him that he wasn’t good enough motivated him to prove them wrong.

Through hard work, Sam eventually made his first official basketball team.  He was the starting center for All Saints Catholic School in Harlem, New York City.  While developing as a basketball player, Sam was also receiving a lot of pressure from his mother to maintain a high academic standard.  Because of this, Sam was accepted at Cardinal Hayes High School in The Bronx, a prestigious private school for boys. With the dedication of his freshman coach, John Flame, Sam cemented himself as a top freshman player in the Catholic league.  Going into his second year of high school, Sam made the varsity team and quickly established himself as a defensive stopper.  

The coach of the team, Tom Murray Sr., served as a mentor, a father figure, and coach to Sam.  Coach Murray instilled in Sam the drive and motivation to want more out of himself. This was never more evident than when Sam’s mother passed away going into his senior year of high school when he really needed support both on and off the court.  Coach Murray was a source of hope during these dark times. He wouldn’t let Sam give up on life, reminding him of his mother’s expectations as an athlete and as a student. 

In 1985, Sam, after living by himself for his last year of high school, continued to excel on the court and in the classroom.  On the court, Sam was named by the Daily News sports writers as first team all-city, meaning he was one of the top five players in the senior class of New York City.  He was also named by Street and Smith magazine as an All American honorable mention. At the same time in the classroom, Sam was named scholar athlete of the year in the city.   

After his senior season, Sam decided to sign and play his collegiate career at St. Bonaventure University, Olean, New York.  At the university, Sam was named as the “Defensive Player of the Year” in three of the four years and was the “Most Improved Player” after his second season.  He also went on to earn his Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from the university. After earning his degree at the university, Sam attended basketball tryouts for the CBA (Continental Basketball League) which was the development league for the NBA at the time.  Sam made the team, but received a better offer from a European team, which started Sam’s great European adventure.

During the course of his professional career in Europe, Sam played in England, Ireland, Iceland, France, and Germany.  Alongside playing professional basketball, Sam was also active in coaching youth teams and in basketball camps.  

From 1993 – 1998 Sam was Player/Head Coach at Reebok Hoop Camps in Germany.

In 1998 he established “Slammers” Basketball Organization with a partner. The organization consisted of three pillars: basketball camps, player agency, and basketball uniforms.  The basketball camps consisted of camps for kids and young adults (ages 6 to 21), Basketball Tour Organizer in the USA, and College / Professional Basketball Camps. The Players Agency (male and female) was responsible for placing 70 professional players that were under contract with the organization throughout Europe.  The services provided by the agency included player contract negotiations, player insurance, and accounting for the players. The organization also designed and produced basketball uniforms for clubs and private teams. 

In 2005 Sam ends cooperation with the company and retires as a Professional Basketball Player. 

During the years 2006 to 2013 Sam volunteers as a Basketball Consultant in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, helping small communities develop basketball programs, scouting young basketball talent introducing them to local basketball clubs,  prep-schools and universities in the United States.  

In 2013 Sam starts coaching the Men’s team at Basketball Club, Blue Stars in Diemen/Amsterdam also on a voluntary basis since he did not have a work permit in The Netherlands. 

In 2015 Sam decides to start his own Basketball Company in Amsterdam, Dynasty Sports B.V. organizing Basketball Camp & Clinics during the school holidays while he continues offering paid coaching services at Basketball Club Blue Stars and connected Basketballscool for younger children. 

End of Basketball season 2018, Sam decided to stop coaching at Blue Stars and held his final Basketball Camp in Spring 2019 under the name Dynasty Sports.

In 2019 Sam takes time off from coaching focusing on rebuilding Dynasty Sports and at the same time he starts exploring the need and interest amongst (young) players in Amsterdam to open up a new Basketball Club. 

Sam renames Dynasty Sports B.V. to DBX – Dynasty Basketball Experience and opens up his own International Basketball Club, DBX Wolves active as per February 2020. 

Sam is a success-driven and result-orientated Basketball coach with the goal building professional players and championships teams with character, integrity and sportsmanship. Sam is consistently motivating and inspiring players to bring the best to every practice and every game with a positive attitude. 

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Meet Head Coach, Vasily Fedosov (37)

Vasily was born and raised in Moscow, Russia. 

Vasily is a ex-professional Basketball Player and has 7+ years of Basketball coaching experience specializing in 3×3 Basketball, personal and team training. 

Vasily’s interest in basketball started at the age of 10-11 years old, daily playing basketball on the street with his friends. 

As a teenager, Vasily was a very tall kid, however not very strong and had poor coordination. He was always the last to be selected to the team or found himself on the sideline watching and wanting to play. But Vasily did not give up,  he believed that by training hard he would eventually succeed.

He spent all his free time on the court after school and during the weekend practicing and playing.  He definitely got better but realized that he needed a coach to train him to develop his playing skills and  progress as a Basketball player. 

Vasily became more familiar with professional basketball when he got to College and started training with the team of MSTU MAMI in Moscow in 1999 at the age of 16 years old.  During the first year of training, Vasily was trained by a professional Basketball coach and learned more in one year than he learned in the previous 5 years. 

After two years of training at the institute, in the summer of 2001, Vasily was given the opportunity to participate in a try-out for the CSKA2 team at the age of 18 years old.  The coach liked Vasily and selected him to be part of the team, he played for the CSKA 2 team for a period of three years. 

Playing for the CSKA2 team was the turning point in his basketball career, it changed the way he viewed  basketball and life in general. He learned and gained more knowledge about Basketball, health and nutrition. He started working out twice a day on a weekly basis and played 1-2 games per week. Vasily was in incredible shape. The world of Basketball opened up to him. 

At the time he returned home from the institute, other players, older than him, who used to beat him on the court or did not want to play with him challenged him to play. Vasily was unstoppable and beat all the players who used to be more skilled than him.  He was very impressed by his own transformation and was once again convinced that hard work and discipline changed him for the better. 

In 2004, Vasily had to choose to either pursue a professional 5×5 Basketball career or get a regular job with a stable income. He had offers to play in Russia or elsewhere in Europe, however decided to accept a regular job since the offers to play professional were comparable to a regular job but with less stability. 

Vasily was past 20 years old, took on a regular job and continued to do what he loved to do most, playing Street Basketball. 

Not long after that, Vasily got involved in professional Streetball. Vasily played for the “Magazin Streetball” team with whom he won various tournaments on different continents. He and his team participated and won the championship in Russia, participated in the 3×3 Streetball Masters and played in the first final of the World Tour which took place in Miami, USA  in 2012. 

Vasily has an impressive 3×3 playing history;

  • 2008 – Champion of Russia 
  • Open 2008 – 1st place in Prague 
  • Open 2010 1st place in Pacific (Vladivostok international tournament) 
  • Open 2012 In Pacific (Vladivostok international tournament)
  • Open 2012 – Finalist of Sport Arena Bucharest 
  • 2012 – Finalist of the open championship of America 3×3 in New York (WT New York)
  • 2012 – Participants in the first Masters final in Miami (WT Final MIAMI)
  • 2013 – 2nd place in St. Petersburg Challenger 2013
  • 2012, 2014 – Participant of Moscow Open
  • 2014 – Participated in the finals of the championships of Holland, Germany, Belgium, Estonia, Latvia, Russia
  • 2015 – Finalist Challenge International ANB 3X3 Brazil 
  • 2016 – Finalist of Shenzhen (China) challenger
  • 2017 – Participant of the FIBA 3×3 World Cup 2017 (as part of the Russian national team) in France.

These are not the only tournaments Vasily participated in, there are more than 200 official tournaments he participated in which is just too much to list. Vasily has won and accumulated a large number of  medals from various international competitions around the world and was in the top 10 of the FIBA world rating of players in 2012. Throughout his career he played in World Series FIBA tournaments on five different continents.

Vasily started coaching in 2012 conducting individual training sessions for players and teams. In the last two years he has been developing individual skills techniques programs for athletes. Vasily has the knowledge  and experience to train athletes to improve and excel in all aspects of the game including preparing the body to its top physical condition. In addition he trains players to improve their speed, strength and scoring percentages. 

In 2020 Vasily partners with DBX Camps & Clinics and joins Basketball Club, DBX WOLVES as the Head Coach of the U16/U18 and U20/U22 teams and up. 

Vasily is a motivated, result-driven and disciplined basketball coach with the goal building professional players and championships teams with character, integrity and sportsmanship. Vasily is consistently motivating and inspiring players never to give up and bring the best to every practice and every game with a positive attitude.

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Meet Head Coach Ronny Weihmann (37)

Ronny was born in Merseburg, Germany and raised in Ramstein, Germany.

Ronny is a professional Basketball player with over 15 years of experience in Germany and the USA. Ronny has over 5 years experience as a personal / basketball skills trainer and performance coach.  

At age 19 Ronny received a basketball scholarship playing 4 years on the collegiate level in the US, while playing he was also pursuing his education earning a Bachelor degree in Sport Management. 

Ronny is also a certified Personal Trainer and has a Exos Speed Performance certified, his educational background also includes Physical education and Physical therapy.

Ronny started playing basketball at the age of 10; for the love of the game he dedicated his life to the game of Basketball. 

Ronny has an impressive basketball background, he played for 3 different Universities in the USA and played as a professional for various Pro-B teams in Germany until now, namely;

2003 – 2004 University of Dubuque

2004 – 2005 A2 German National Team

2005 – 2006 Tennessee State University

2006 – 2008 Emmanuel College Georgia

2008 USC Heidelberg

2008 – 2009 Big Gotha Rockets

2009 – 2010 BSW Sixers

2010 – 2011 USC Leipzig (League Champions)

2011 – 2012 Bramsche (League Top scorer)

2012 – 2013 Schwenningen Panthers (League Assist Leader)

2013 – 2015 1.FC Kaiserslautern (League champions, Cup Champions, MVP )

2015 – 2016 Saarlouis Royals

2016 – 2017 Bis Speyer

2017 – 2020 1.FC Kaiserslautern

In the Summer of 2007, Ronny managed and ran a 6-week summer program called Fit Factor for the Air Force youth center as an intern at McGuire Air Force Base NJ, USA. 

In 2014 Ronny founded his own Sports Academy; “Find A Way Athletics” in Germany working with young players from the US Military community. Ronny developed his own Basketball Development Program. 

Since 2016 Ronny has hosted 5 Basketball Camps in Germany with at least 30 players per Camp.

In 2018 Ronny was invited by Dynasty Sports as a Guest Skills Trainer with Head Coach Sam Graham.

In 2020 Ronny partners with DBX Camps & Clinics and joins Basketball Club, DBX WOLVES as the Head Coach of the U16/U18 and U20/U22 teams and up. 

Ronny is a passionate and dedicated coach who strives to help players to be the best they can be.  Ronny has helped many players and athletes achieve their goals and dreams of getting better at basketball or just simply getting in better shape with their body and mind. Ronny is an excellent leader and positive role model to all (young) players and professional Athletes on and of the court. 

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